How Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns and Small Hotels Can Double Their Business In One Season

Learn the 4 key elements you'll need to put your focus on to attract more direct bookings, reduce commissions to online travel agents, fill rooms in the low seasons and even charge more

When You Attend, You Will Learn...

On this free online Masterclass, you'll learn:

How to put yourself at the heart centre of your business, so you stand out from the sea of mediocrity around you, and charge higher prices (no more discounting)

What your 3 essential business systems are and why you need them if you ever want to stop using online travel agents and paying their commissions

How to build a community around you, and why this matters, if you want to learn how to fill rooms in the low seasons (or whenever you want)

How mastering the 4 key elements will ensure you bullet-proof your business over the next 3 - 5 years and thrive as the industry takes another turn